Watt a Lamp is grateful to the Scottish engineer James Watt (1736-1819), whose work helped pave the way for the industrial breakthrough in the 19th century, including the introduction of electric light.

Watt a Lamp is born of a fascination with light and a passionate dedication to technology, design and quality. We believe that form and narrative contribute to the lasting joy we take from our favourite objects. Resting on 20 years of accumulated experience in the lighting industry, the new Danish brand Watt a Lamp operates in an age where not even James Watt could have predicted where the technological development is going to take us next. We are excited to play a part in shaping that development. Our ambition is to create lamps that keep shining bright for many years to come. Lamps driven by care, diligence and a bright idea. Lamps with an eye for quirky details, the sensuous dimension and ground-breaking technology. Lamps that are functional, artistic and lovable.

Watt a Lamp proudly presents its first collection, curated by the two established Danish designers Rikke Hagen and Andreas Lund. The collection is driven by the qualities described above, and all the hand-picked designers have been selected for their playful approach to their work, their strong expression and their professional grasp of design. These shared qualities makes the collection a coherent whole that aims high and covers a broad spectrum. We are thankful that the designers took on the challenge, engaged in a constructive dialogue and delivered exquisite products that we look forward to introducing you to.


Thank you, James Watt, for giving our designers the opportunity to be creative.


Michael Waltersdorff

Business director and owner, Watt a Lamp